Friday, May 10, 2013

espionage from parallel universe disc two mixture by captain mission

in a perfect world this would be the theme song for the next james bond film, directed by the wachowskis, the one where bond discovers his esoteric nature while dropping acid and reading the bhagavad gita, the one where he understands the nature of his service to queen and country is all a charade and he gains insight into the laws of moral causation. the one where mid mission he knows he will not kill his opponent but instead love her, the one where he grows his hair, you know, the one they will never make.

for me it's possibly the most outside the box song the church recorded, it's got all the qualities of a number one hit, lush arrangements, sultry eloquent vocals almost yearn for escape and those accessible and extraordinary lyrics paint an impressionistic frame for our story and although there's no clear narrative the song seems to flow quite easily. 

man, 'espionage' is even perfect for the radio although i'm sure somewhere someone would feel awkward about broadcasting the line about 'bare breasts' such is the world we inhabit.
the music is filled with subtlety, that gorgeous base and piano, the simple and yet perfect drumming which i think is quite unique, in tim they have not just a drummer but a rhythm-magician and then the way the guitars play, washed into the mix adding tone and structural integrity. 
like all their songs this one evokes an imagery, and here in the strange world of 'espionage' lays something different, perhaps an unexpected change of course in the usual story, the glamorous spy succumbing to not just romance but a deep spiritual love, all that hi tech equipment, the fast cars and casino's, the betrayals and the mission all appear so very hard, fake identity, fake people, objects disguised as weapons everything is subterfuge but loving you is easy, especially espionage, the ultimate betrayal as far as this secret agent goes is to abandon parameters and fall in love with his enemy and something authentically real. 

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