Saturday, June 22, 2013

reward from parallel universe disc two

holograms enable three dimensional images to be made, and wikipedia informs us it involves a laser, interference, diffraction, recording and light intensity and suitable illumination of the recording.
the image itself is not an image, it's random structures of varying intensity and density.
'reward' to me is a hologram of sound, there's so many intensities in this, the strange rhythmic percussion, the distorted vocals, that swirling keyboard and then there's the interplay of guitars swept along by bass. 
and all the while within the electronica of mad scientists constructing some sort of alien sound wave based technology, vibration raising pyramids, echoes of atlantis. harmonies occasionally cascading, waves collapse, interference patterns open doors into quantum sub space, portals expand, machine elf technology, information downloads at super high speed, some scattered words deep within the mix, indecipherable, hidden by the wash and tidal movements of the music, the mundane everyday tears open as the pineal gland tunes in, if some songs are keys others can be doors.

'there's nothing else after,
you're our reward'

this is the church. 
in an undervalued cd that hardly ever gets a mention there's so much profound beauty and depth, enough to keep me going, enough to feed my curious nature, enough to expand my mind and set it ablaze with wonder.

i've always thought that 'dark side of the moon' should be sent into space as a representation of what humans are, because it's so earth bound, trapped in human flesh, suffering in spirit and fragile in mind yet the church in 'reward' represent human beings pushing past all the trappings of earthly experience, it's a liberating song and it offers an insight into the world beyond matter, if pink floyd were the cerebral rock band in their heyday the church are the gnostic rock band, inner space rock. 
give it a listen on headphones and tell me i'm wrong.

'to know the eternal question.'

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