Wednesday, March 14, 2012

As You Will

All 3 bonus songs of Heyday are more like sketches for the soon-to-happen solo careers of the 3 writers. The View is clean jangly guitar pop by Marty, Trance Ending is a dense, brooding and slightly oriental oddity by Steve and As You Will by Peter is quite simple and driving guitar pop with a bit cheap sounding now dated keyboards. Later on all 3 went on to do their solo albums which had same kind of touches all over them.

I haven't really followed PK's solo career although I have all the albums. The first 2 or 3 albums still don't grab me and I always wonder why he wanted to have so much keyboards on his stuff when he is such a good guitar player. Only later on he did better albums that I have liked more. Water Rites, Simple Intent and Love Era/Irony are my favourites from PK. As You Will would have been more at home in PK's debut Manchild & Myth.

As I started to listen this song over and over again I had a feeling that I wouldn't like it that much. In No Certainty Attached-book PK says that the song was recorded in 30 minutes and he was never given a proper chance to make it better. Considering that it was recorded so hastily it sounds really good. I have spent way more than 30 minutes of my life listening to this song. At the first half of the song the guitars sound stylish and uncharacteristically compact for the church. I get annoyed by the cheapo keyboards but the beat keeps on driving. It gets even better from the 2:30 mark as the guitar solo starts the better half of the song. PK's guitar really takes off and shines here and it sounds damn good.

I don't usually remember much from PK's singing and there aren't any brilliant lines with multiple meanings. Hard comparisons to SK there for PK or for anyone. I don't feel that this song would have had any place in the finished LP even with plenty of polish. Although New Season fits to Starfish almost perfectly...Maybe after SK vocals and lyrics revamp this one might have been okay for the LP but that would be a different song. Still I'm entertained and I felt that I was able to play this song many times and I always admired PK's stylish guitars the most.

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