Monday, June 15, 2009

10 000 Miles

10 000 the kinda song they still play, SK and Marty together. Somewhere there near the red point (1.). With acoustic geetaars playing to the faithful. I listen to that stuff from boots, or at least read about it somewhere like the womb. I´m around the other red point (2.) and just about 10 000 Miles away. I wonder if I would go to see them if I was in Australia or if I was an australian. It would be easy to think so but then again it would be easy to think that as an australian my mindset would be different and I would rather enjoy the sun and surfing more than sitting in smoky dark rooms listening to music. Who knows, life is a mystery and there is always something better going on 10 000 miles away. If I made a journey and travelled 10 000 miles then there would probably be something even better 10 000 miles away.

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