Monday, June 15, 2009

Maybe These Boys

by Fandorin

The infamous Maybe These Boys! A pretty effective build-up, and it's actually quite fascinating in its blatant silliness. The only vaguely similar track in The Church's entire oeuvre is The Faith Healer from A Box Of Birds. I'd love to hear a live medley, with Maybe These Boys and Faith Healer frankensteined together.

Another lesson The Church have learned from Art and Prog Rock is the nullification of the blooze. No blues attached here. Steve Kilbey has sung black notes, red notes, fiery notes, icy-white notes, but rarely blue notes, and if he does, it always generates a certain "this is a stylistic mean" reaction in me. When he hits those high distant notes in the very entertaining great song Nose Dive. He gives it all in Faith Healer. Otherwise, there is nothing bluesy to be found. The Church's version of the blues is a different beast - Real Toggle Action, This Is It, There You Go...all those songs evoke a deadly bleak, tar-black blues vision, but I play these songs rarely. They elude the 12-bar-it's-raining-and-there-are-holes-in-my-fucking-roof-and-my-baby's-gone-blues blueprint, of course...

When the song drifts off, it's getting almost invisible. All the roaring, trumpeting pomposity is falling off, leaving a thin, almost ethereal ghostly vision of a song in the background! It's like a ghost remaining, after the song has died. Mind the vocoder!

Hey, I actually didn't slaughter it at all, did I?

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