Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Autumn Soon

What kind of feeling it is when you know autumn comes soon? The days are still warm and light but there is a sense of the end of the fun carefree season. Shadows become longer and the sky is filled with big rainclouds every now and then. It becomes harder and harder to wear shorts and live like there is no tomorrow. It can´t go on like this forever and you know it.

Am I now describing a season or the song found on Seance b-sides? Bit of both I guess. Like so many times before the song may be deceptively light and fun but there is a lot more going on, quite a lot for a simple b-side. Ornamental guitars decor the room in baroque fashion but somehow I feel that the drums are here the instrument that drives the song. Drums are so prominent all the time and there is even 30 second drum outro in the end. It´s no Moby Dick but if there ever was a song for a live drum solo in The Church catalogue then this is it. A simple fun little song worthy of a b-side but it has no place in Seance.

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