Sunday, March 29, 2009

Now I Wonder Why 3

by timetunnel

There are these songs people call "typical" for the Church. Songs that contain all the ingredients to make The Church's style and sound unique. One of the first songs which may be put into that category is Tear It All Away. Also, in the liner notes of 1987's Hindsight Steve Kilbey described Almost With You as "the definitve Church song" - but it never was for it me. No, from all the songs of early Church, Now I Wonder Why is, apart from Tear It All Away, THE DEFINITVE Church song. There's top notch guitar interplay, a great bass line and a very special atmosphere which no other song on Seance has. It's "Thought-travel by Sound", it's relaxed, melancholic, somehow psychedelic, a bit dark but not depressive. The song goes on forever and ever, and if you think "Now, I wonder if this songs ends here", another verse starts. But it doesn't matter. It never gets boring. It might - in a different mix - even have fitted on an album like Priest=Aura. More than any other song of the early Church it hinted to what their sound and songwriting developed to in the 90s. To put it simple: it's a Church classic.

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