Monday, March 23, 2009

It doesn´t change

by chrome3d

Organs and drums in the intro create a gloomy mood. I still don´t think it´s goth as there is clearly different kind of beauty in the twinkling of the piano and the way the song slowly builds. There isn´t much to fit in with the description of goth on this album but maybe this song is the closest there is but like always the stylistic categorization is quite difficult with the band. It can be taken as a really sad and dark piece but there could also be hope and love.

Even though you're continents away
A love song to Karen, perhaps? Like so many other album closers it could be seen as a simple (or "simple") SK lovesong. We´ll have to wait for Glow-worm kinda lyrics for a long time as this is the dark age of young love. When you are young the love is incredible and dramatic. Views are perfect, tides sweep and so on.

All the lyrics come in the first half of the song and the instrumental part starts at 2:45 and takes all the remaining 3:15. I didn´t actually remember that it´s so long as it´s one of those pieces of music that the band creates that seem to take their sweet time and keep it building as long as it takes. I feel it could go on even more but I guess the one side of the vinyl had it´s constraints. It reminds me more of The Blurred Crusade than other songs on this album. Great new landscapes and vistas float before my eyes as the journey of Seance is going to end. It´s a tranquil journey but with darker shades than their previous efforts. I also see Seance as some kind of companion piece to The Blurred Crusade as some of the images and feelings are so similar. In my mind these two albums are from the same tree despite their obvious differences.

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