Sunday, March 29, 2009

Constant In Opal

by timetunnel

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... was a boy who had just been recommended a band called "The Church". "The Church, huh?", he thought. But he read a good review in a music magazine and as a result went to the local record store. Though being in a pretty small town they really had one copy of "Remote Luxury". Little Boy grabbed it, went to the listening desk and there it all started: "Constant In Opal" came on. The beginning swelling up like a siren. Are these guitars or keyboards, Little Boy wondered. He checked out a few songs, listened here and there and bought it, though not being 100% convinced.

So, yeah, Remote Luxury was my first Church album and Constant In Opal the first Church song ever for me. It sounds very 80s with its keyboards and the way it is mixed, and it's a huge departure from the darker Seance. The guitars are there but not as prominent as on Seance. Keyboard, drums and bass are very dominant here, and with its up-tempo, it becomes almost dancable. A very unsual thing for The Church. If you only know this album you'll definetely get a wrong picture of the band (I did!). I once owned a tape (which I forgot in a rented car several years ago) which contained The Church live in Milan 1988. The gig was broadcasted by radio and therefore made it to tape in good sound quality. Constant In Opal was one of the songs they played, and that was the point when I realized what a real killer song it is actually. The album version is good, but it's like you put a huge song into a small box which doesn't offer enough room for the song to unfold properly.


chrome3d said...

Something Special and Autumn Soon coming soon!

glynnisjohns said...

my favorite title of kilbeyesque wordplay.

song is quite nifty too.