Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dropping Names

by chrome3d

There isn´t much songs that rock in Seance. One Day is giddy pop and Dropping Names is the closest one to rock. From OSAH the band has gone "soft" in only 2 albums. This is perhaps the only song from Seance that could be seen in the context of OSAH. Sometimes I think that Dropping Names is here only because the albums has to have some songs that will be good when played live and this song fits the bill. It has almost the basic kind of Church intro with a bit more metallic twang. This is one of the few songs on Seance where MWP/PK guitar duo can really rip it out as many other songs were more driven by keys. I think the drum sounds fit to this kind of song quite okay. One Day is perhaps the one from this album that suffers the most from the drum sound.

At first I expected the lyrics to be more about dropping names, in the style of Welcome. However there is none of that. In the first verse Steve wants to break to be beautiful and think handful of words in the long nights. Your basic "I want be a rock n´roll star" song then? Maybe he is just informing us that he will do list songs in the future, like Numbers and Welcome (ignore this). These words come faster than in other songs, almost in a punky way. With all the ooo-wheee backing vocals there is a sense of urgency unlike in other songs of the album. I see this song closer to punk attitude than almost any other songs of their early period. A song to make the different shades to the big picture that is Seance.

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