Friday, March 6, 2009

Now I Wonder Why 2

by Vedantic dreams from Aztlan

Through another channel, I find this song paralleling some of my felt intimate insecurities within the love experience, It plays out like a real confession of something very honest and dark. Inevitably I find myself having my own personal investment. That being said, the songs begins with the synchronized cascading guitars creating a very flowery and rainy progression. The harmonica unexpectedly comes into the fray sounding so good in its placement and punctuation, like a cosmic train from another system. The bass lines are nice and exaggerated giving the song a nice girth... SK's voice is so subdued and quiet sounding like hes negotiating with both his heart and mind... Finally, I love when the electric guitar gets to howl a bit at the end. The sentimentality and revealing nature of this song is penetrating.. Not many are willing to describe this level of longing, bewilderment and self analysis.. great song.. great album

By the virtue of faith I knew that I could be lost
Beyond this dark place
Unprepared to pay the cost

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