Sunday, March 29, 2009

Someone Special

by chrome3d

I have been trying to write something special about Someone Special for some time but the song hasn´t been that inspirational. While many songs of the band are multi-layered masterpieces that easily last over and over again in the test of time, then this is hardly one of those. It´s a quite nice ditty but I can´t see myself listening to it that many times. Good b-side but not much more. In many albums I find myself rearranging the track order and replacing some songs with b-sides and so on. Seance would be a whole another kind of album if some of the darker songs were replaced with these 2 sunny b-sides. Seance could use some more jangly guitars and they are the best part of the song here. I find myself thinking that some of the best guitar parts of keys-driven Seance sessions are here in Someone Special. If Byrdsian jangle is a good thing and for me it is.

If this is a hastily done b-side then it´s fair to think that it was written quite fast, without too much tinkering and noodling. This was one of those that was not meant to be dissected and examined in the years to come. It would be fair to expect then that this would be a direct happy love song. Lyrics are yet again an indication how SK must make the even the most basic kinda love pop song a bit more complex than it should be, which is of course something I like. Writing it too simple is not an option even if the song could be just the right one for simple lyrics.

I said I've had visions of weeping
She said I've had the same about you - Visions of weeping together? Good that he found a soulmate...

Logic is fine and science can be kind
But it can't define me and you - Talking about science always makes girls interested...

Now its been a long trip and its only the tip
Of the iceberg I'm trying to melt - That´s why he is swimming there all the time!

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