Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fighter Pilot...Korean War

by chrome3d

I was playing Of Skins And Heart at work. There was also these two younger guys and they started to laugh at it. "This is 80es! Hah haa! What sounds!" As I'm so deep in to the world of Church I can´t hear that stuff. I listen to it probably in another way. When we came to Fighter Pilot another one became kinda excited. "Hey this is the devils notes (Tritone) ! Then he became this story how it was played by Paganini and it was forbidden to play that melody in medieval times. I learned something new. Year later I happened to play it randomly and he was present there and started the same story. Anyway, I respected his knowledge of music. One of his paychecks he spent on a sitar...that tells a lot. I learned never to play Of Skins And Heart or this song again if he is present. Raw energy song, kinda like basic Of Skins And Heart style song. Not the best nor the worst.

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