Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is This Where You Live?

by chrome3d

"Branching off, the road winds east
Deluxe locations just near completion
Come dine with wine and oyster feast
The pearls are real, have one for free
They're washed up by the foam-waved sea"

It´s funny to see how that was written waaaay back in 1980 or even earlier but those themes surface over and over again in Steve´s blog. Those lines are something that I could imagine reading today in the blog and I probably have seen something similar there. Standing in awe looking at all the beautiful things world has to offer. The wonders of nature and life and enjoying them like there is no tomorrow. Also there is the almost constant undercurrent of guilt to enjoy it or the envy of the rich. These themes pop up so often in the stream of thoughts in the blog too. Those lines flow from there like from a fountain and it´s not your usual new wave lyrics. How many artists you could imagine doing this kind of lyrics on top of this music? Even at early age Steve is an old sage trapped inside a body of a new wave rocker. This feels very wordy song and I feel that the lyrics are important here.

This song reminds me a lot of ´Not What You Say´ from the new Painkiller album. Long without feeling too long. Oh, and minus the whale noises or whatever.

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