Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't Open The Door To Strangers

by chrome3d

Acoustic guitar strumming, slow rhythm section, Steve sounds sleepy and deep. Piano starts and somewhere in the background organ weaves a Procol Harum-ish melancholic web. There is some Elton John-vibes too in here too, if I knew what Elton is all about. When everything feels complete the slide guitar starts to squeeze some extra emotion at 2:06. During the last lines when Steve sings ...tonight...tonight...the wiuu-wiuu-wiuu slide squeezes are just a tad too much but all in all it has some charm and I´m not tired to listen it again a couple of times. After all the chug chug of the album it´s a real conventional album closer to show the sensitive side of the band. The kinda song a band would end with their debut album and maybe get the lighters out at a gig. It feels oddly conventional in many ways. This is The Church after all.

During one game user Jesuskrishna made a joke that it was good that Steve never followed his advice of not opening the door to strangers and now we have "Just For You"! That was so hilarious.

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