Saturday, June 3, 2017

love philtre by the church from further deeper

'our minds are made up'

musically i don't know what's going on, all instruments blend into something with the complexity they say makes up a good wine. i'm not a drinker of the wine but i am a thinker of the wave, water or sound, and here is subtle tones filled with a sensual beauty that appears immediately elegantly simple. yet put your finger upon it and it's gone. like that quantum idea. the song is both particle and wave and you can only perceive one state. 

this is the church's new incarnation, and it's difficult to write about because it is very different from what came before. 
one has to adopt a cosmic view here. 
the church without mwp is a new church, everything changes because there is a new element we are unfamiliar with. it's neither bad or good. values like that are pointless. 
as fans we all invested in this band. we all think we are attached to the band and musicians whereas what we really are attached to is the music. this in itself is a good thing, all things must change and value cannot be quantified in terms of before mwp or post. it is what it is. equal but different.

our minds are made up.

in such a simple sentence such a grand idea. this is common in steve's writing, he captures ideas the size of a universe and reduces it down into a few words. i don't know if it's a trick or a skill, it always leaves me in some kind of awe. 

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