Tuesday, December 30, 2014

'june' from forget yourself

the floating world, disembodied we pass over the ancient lands into a youth filled body that looks out over the horizon, from towering cliff tops as the deep blue mediterranean breaks upon rocks below. a sailed vessel heads towards shore, the oars synchronised and the sail comes down like an elegant origami in reverse. brown skinned men working under a suspended yellow sun. possibilities bounce across the water in gleaming gifts as you speculate she may be on board carried by hope and sweat and toil and the energy of a peoples need for myth or truth, all are bound by beauty. 
the animal kingdom expects the best, eggs hatch and small beaks open for the first time, the flowers explode into vivid colour and their wondrous scent's drift in the invisible currents. you see the rabbits in fields, they move like erratic particles through the fields, you see the swallows above in some exotic formation, a school of airborne fish in choreographed precision. you hear the buzzing of cicadas, the bees and the crickets an insect orchestration to a fertility rites promise. 
and as it comes, as it crescendos to it's beautiful zenith, through your bones, through your flesh and into your very spirit it passes, for even june must fade out and the vessel heads away from the shoreline, the sail hoisted, the sun now sinking. the flowers wilting, for every arrival heralds departure.

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