Friday, October 28, 2011


now... it's happening, words loose meaning, become sound, moving through the song, jingle jangle, lots of subtle tones, some portal type moment, looping and melting and ringing their way through the aether manifest speakers, glissando transmission, aural entry , vibration hits the drum and links with synaptic systems, neural networks form, connect the dots, intricate chemical transmissions and feedback loops as veils are broken like spider webs falling apart in fast forwards, smashing through all previous known imprints. the elves doth dance with the fairie and there in luminosity penetrating sun drenched tranquil summers, when the words start listen up carefully for all is not well in the kingdom, clouds on the horizon speed towards us, the lush texture begins to fracture in word. 

now...certain shadow has befallen the picture, vowels have angles shape and form, the wind is gluttonous, oaths and oafs interfere, drink sink forget, she offered her chaos, proffered herself, the eldritch bitch must have muddled her spells, trees cut down for factories...

now...time has cast itself across the kingdom, darkness of another age, the dark lord has won the war and left the pretty cabinet.

this is such a great song, i don't know why, like all the church songs i write about it's hard to define what makes it great. the words i guess, but on that layer of music to carry them, melody and tone, i think it's something even more the sum being greater than the parts.
there's magic in this song. it sits in the shadows, unseen un-obvious, cascading and undulating on the back of every beat, it's lurking within the space between and then it hits you with it's glamour in that lovely break. 

i saw them play this live once, it was quite wonderful as the song took on an edge it didn't possess in the recorded version, steve seemed to sing with a certain anger almost bitterness, it changed the whole energy of the song moving it into a different gear, the magic seemed to come out from the spaces, like a 3d picture where suddenly you get a glimpse of something malevolent and then it's gone. shadow cabinet is a definitive mysterious and cryptic song, i'm kinda glad i have no idea what it could be about and have avoided finding out, it's better this way, in my own mind, it's about as good as it gets. it's from the album remote luxury, i played this album non stop before i left london for berlin, it sits in my mind as a period of magick and strangeness, portals opening and closing, it was a soft time that was about to find its edge, it was a time of peace that was about to be broken, it was a time of love that drifted into sex without love but ultimately it was innocence about to become experience from which there would be no return. 
the church are the soundtrack to many things in my life, i guess having a brain injury where you loose a lot of your memories, music assists in recalling the feelings around certain times and by default then brings other memories to the surface, mostly during this part of my existence i began to see a bigger picture or at least look under the surface of things into those jungian shadow areas, inside... the... cabinet. 

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chrome3d said...

Yes, Shadow Cabinet is a song that feels good but there is a feeling of 2D and it needs something more to become a full 3D picture.