Saturday, October 15, 2011


drum roll, guitar and you're hypnotised, weaving under the spell, deeper down, every beat sends you deeper and deeper down into a relaxed state as the voice guides you into the theta realms, eyelids attain weight as they draw down slowly like a shutter blind, light diminishes, your head rolls back, eyes now closed and the images start to flicker, is it a film, a dream steve had or a blend of both?

the story begins, the dome dwellers sad history unfolds, they have the gift of eternity if they remain enclosed in the dome but steve tells us he fell asleep and must have dreamt the end. i'm reminded of the taoist idea of a butterfly and man dreaming they are the other. the merger of consciousness and unconsciousness, the swimming in the ocean, the floating, the peaceful drowning as we let it wash over us and we sink down into the abyss, surrendered.

the song has changed from a conscious state into an unconscious one. the hypnotiser is under, and the story goes onwards in its new tangent with the horrific conclusion as the dome dwellers come undone and the barbarians who broke the structure now wade through it's ashes. we know that the civilisation inside the dome is dead yet somehow a curse is made upon the invaders and eventually they to are destroyed in some sort of flood.

two civilisations, one with wealth and conditional immortality, the other with strength both defeated, ultimately by nature and the last line 'destined to make the same old mistake, the way of all flesh and blood.'

dome is from the priest = aura album, it's part of a whole as i feel the cd is from steve's journey into heroin realms, it's writing reportage upon his vision and experience, deeply personal as well as public, we can only get an idea of what he went through. yet he brings back these songs, these words. the whole band capture a feeling, an energy of beauty, pattern and sublime deep penetration of the very dna that the receiver has with the transmission.
dome is a fractal piece to the album but inherently it carries information for mankind. if you like it's a warning song, if you like it's just a song about a man who fell asleep at the cinema, but then that's like saying 'the matrix' is just a kung fu film.

what is it about dome that appeals to me so strongly, i think it's that last line, for mankind repeats itself in cycles, civilisation is a monument to remind us we are all barbarians, all under the enchantment that by conquering natural forces we will be powerful and free, but in this hubris there lays only folly and destruction. strength, wealth, power over nature, all lead us to eventual ruin, for this is not the way home.

it is so that there are times, as a listener / fan, i feel frustrated when the band begins to fade out on certain songs, dome should go on forever. i wanted to explore where it took me, i love the wave i ride when i listen to it, the place it carries me to is never really reached, for the session is closing but the story is complete, the idea has been planted and it now resides deep within.

surfacing, out of that state, every breath now brings you further back, into the room, you feel more aware of your environment and when i count to three, on the count of three, your eyes will open. one, two, and three.


chrome3d said...

Yes, Dome could be longer as it feels THAT good. Still it´s strange to think that it's not actually part of the P=A journey as it was a CD bonus song. Or maybe they should have released P=A vinyl as a double vinyl, like everybody do these days, and Dome should have had it's rightful place there in the whole story. That last line is pure gold: Destined to make...Brilliant song.

chrome3d said...

I changed the label from Sometime Anywhere to Priest=Aura.

captain mission said...

wow, i never knew that 'dome' was not part of the p=a sessions, it fits in really well. i'm so glad they included it.

no worries chrome3d, i just write em, you can do what ever you want with the posts.