Monday, April 26, 2010

Already Yesterday

Eliminator (1983) by ZZ Top was the album of the 80´s that was made as a soundtrack for driving and cruising around the streets and highways. If you had to choose one album by The Church for the same purpose it would be Heyday (1985). Already Yesterday is almost a typical song of Heyday and it has many of the themes as the other songs. We are in present time with cars but still the setting moves back and forth in time. Science fiction of our time. We are always on the move searching for a new place after another. Ten Mile Beach, Avalon, Violet Town, Babylon, over the border, everything under the sun is there. It´s only "still in the camera".

When I have gone to car trips and if Myrrh is the start of the trip and Tristesse always cheers me up in the red lights. When Already Yesterday starts then the open highway is ahead and it´s only a matter of keeping the feet on the pedal and enjoy the ride. Disconnected, drifting away. Another morning we´ll be gone.

I also feel that Heyday is a song cycle that follows the day. Like another masterpiece from 1985, Skylarking by XTC. Myrrh is the epic dawn and Tristesse, Already Yesterday and Columbus the busy time from 9-12. Then Happy Hunting Ground has the lunchbreak. Night of Light and Youth Worshipper is of course the end of the day. Already Yesterday is full of optimism of the morning and hope for the future. Everything is still fresh and exciting and the well oiled chromium vehicle glows in the sun as we speed down the highway and "we won´t listen to the voices in the city rain".

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