Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Travel By Thought

by chrome3d

I always skip Travel by Thought when I listen to Seance. Well, at least in 80% of the times I listen to the album. In 20% of the times I accidentally leave it on at low volume and try to make it through to the cute, wonderful, brilliant and awesome Disappear?. That is hardly a good starting point to review this song. The only thing is to start listen to it about 4-5 times in a row and try to find some points from the song. Good or bad.

Funny thing is how the recent adventures of the band seem to influence the way I listen to TBT now. In the context of Seance this song is out of place, no doubt about it. Now that I have been listening quite a lot of their new soundtrack to Shriek this makes actually lot more sense if followed right after Shriek. In the context of Shriek this could be quite at home and it would fit very nicely in there. Before it was like a big red ugly pimple on a face of a supermodel, but seen in the linear of Shriek + TBT it feels more like just another handsome crack in the face of Keith Richards. Not that Shriek is anything like the face of Keith Richards.

I still can´t say something very profound about it. Somebody suggested to listen it at high volume and admittedly it makes a little bit more sense then. I always seem to wait for the part when that metallic guitar starts to give the song some form and structure at the 3:20 mark. I almost feel like giving up and starting to like it but I have to keep some common sense here and not praise this song because it´s not that brilliant. Even the band (or at least SK) has admitted that it came out half baked so I can always rely on that. Only thing is that the word of SK or other band members is not written in stone. They might not be the best people to judge their own works.

One compliment I can give to TBT and that is that Disappear? sounds sooooo cute, wonderful, brilliant and awesome after this song.

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