Tuesday, February 24, 2009


by chrome3d

I have praised almost every song on Seance so far because they are so good, at least the first 3. Fly was a mysterious little tinkerbell, One Day was an euphoric pop blast and Electric was a sad world weary european aristocrat. Disappear still towers above these gems. It´s my favourite from this album. It has everything right and good while it´s still not so remarkable on some single area. The lyrics, the part that usually attract me, are just words without a longer story where we walk through heaven, move underground. skip across the water etc.
Can't you see, like the trees so obviously...
Yeah, what is it obviously? Disappear gives no grand illusions, grand vistas and amazing trickery. It´s just one long feel good piece of a song. The good feeling just grows and grows and sometimes I feel that the song shouldn´t end, at least it could go on for a longer time as every part of it is just the way I like it.

I always connect this song with church ceremonies. I mean the real church not the band. The organ that starts at 2:15 and wanders there in the background is the part that makes it complete to me. While it´s only a supporting instrument and disappears for a while only to come back, it still becomes the central instrument in my mind. Like so many songs on this album I see the keys more not the guitars. All the ceremonies of life flash before my eyes in one autumnal spectral film. Weddings, christenings, burials. The highest joys and deepest sorrows that the life offers. This band can make songs that stay along me in all the important occasions of life. I don´t necessarily all the time see the religious side of the band but sometimes the sacral elements are so inviting and warm that I can´t resist myself. I give up and surrender to the power that this song gives me. With this song The Church offers me something that the real church usually doesn´t.

What could be enough to convince that Disappear is the song that I should praise more than the others? If I make a playlist of the best of The Church with a limit of 25 songs, then this song is there, no doubt about it. Chosen among the first ones. I still haven´t found the central theme of this album and as this is the track 6 I probably might not see it. I don´t see this album as a theme album about anything but I don´t care. With this song Seance gives me so much.

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