Wednesday, February 11, 2009


by Heyday2day

We all have songs that teleporte us to another time and place or that evoke specific memories, places, faces, times, smells, dreams........ Fly, in it's short 2:09 duration, was one of my first ones to fit that bill in my life. Sure, there had been others in my 20 years but up to then, nothing did to me what this one did. I picked this album up in 88 when the band was at their peak in US popularity. I still remember where I was when I got it and how the pink goth girl on the cover teased my wonderment at what was contained within. I remember taking it to my apartment and sliding it into my just purchased single disc Technics CD player and sitting down at my desk to take it in. Fly begins and immediately I am transported to another place, a place that in my younger years I barely knew existed. A place that I am well aware of now, but that I don't get to visit as often as I'd like. It's a place that created a life long quest to find music to take me back there. Before Fly, I was just a set of ears that didn't have the experience or knowledge to understand what music can do. After Fly, I was somehow..........changed. How can something so seemingly simple be so damned powerful? I don't know. Still today, when I hear that opening strum of the acoustic guitar, it's like nectar for my soul. Faces and places pass thru and I'm taken back. An early morning long distance drive across the scrub of the south Texas plains, a hazy morning mist making the earth golden. That's Fly to me. The smell of the ozone in the air before the storm hits.....takes me there too. A girl that I deeply loved but never quiet understood. Now that I think of it, she often did smile like a tiny child. Fly is all of this for me. This song was a beginning to a journey that continues to wind on. Fly is the catalyst for all that I have searched for in my music since I first heard it 21 years ago in an apartment in Lubbock, Texas. It's importance in my life can not be encapsulated in a few paragraphs. My catalyst.

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