Wednesday, February 11, 2009


by chrome3d

Electric is important song in my view that it´s the first that shows that side of the band that will become quite prominent later on. The drums start the song and then it´s time for that classic Church twin-guitar stuff. First one guitar picks pearly notes and then another joins in with that majestic solo. Steve sounds so dreamy and sad on top of the atmospheres that make my heart sing. The side one of this album is so high quality that I can´t believe it. All that malarkey with the drum sounds disappears from my mind. I can´t see that anymore. Only Travel By Thought rips me out from my blissfull journey in a cruel way. Electric has quite loose feeling and the keyboards wander in the background creating an atmosphere that evokes images of something romantic and quite European and that piano on top of everything is a much needed icing on the cake that takes me waltzing all the way to Vienna. Yes, it´s hard to imagine them doing this stuff far away in the heat of Australia as there is something so unmistakably European to my ears. I almost feel that the 6 minutes it takes is not enough and it could continue for some time more and disappear gently to the horizon without caring about the boundaries of the vinyl format.

Lyrically it´s a very simple breakup love song. It seems SK has one or two in every album where it comes more directly without complexity. Or at least that´s the way I read the wholy story as SK stands before the relics that used to be you and me.

This is only their third album but there is never a suspicion that there is a style that they could use and end up out of depth. I like Seance because it´s not rock. Even though the approach is quite rock, as it always is with The Church, there are very few songs that even pretend to be rock. This is good for me as sometimes I just tolerate their rock rock-songs and wait for the more ambient soundscapes. There aren´t that many rockbands who can or want to do that convincingly. So from that point of view Seance is a goldmine for me. It very rarely claims that there will be rock soon but the element is always there. Like a good black and white photograph needs white highlights and deep black shadows.

After all the praise that I now give to Electric it´s no secret that I think that this is the better electric titled-song of Seance. Or at least the right electric-song for me.

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