Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ancient History

By chrome3d
Some of us are white
Some of us are red
Some have got these visions going 'round in our heads
I have a feeling that this song is hastily done filler. Even though that might be the case, it still has something worth exploring. Those tree lines had me intrigued and they stayed in my head so much that I had to draw them in vector graphics software in order to have them in a quiz. Nobody guessed what was the song as it´s one of the less known songs. Again very simple imagery throughout the whole song but with SK it´s never that boring. Even though this song could be one of the most unmemorable songs in the band´s career it´s not entirely bad. SK´s strange almost spoken Bowie singing, slippery bass lines, slightly funky spiralling guitars and echo singing effects keep this song floating quite nicely during it´s short duration. I can´t make up my mind if I like it or not but there is certainly something hypnotic and trancey about it when listened on repeat for 7 times. I guess that the ep-format allowed them to experiment more and this kind of style never surfaced on a "real" LP release.


captain mission said...

hey i'm really enjoying tripping through your blog, it's brilliant, i didn't know there was anyone else as much into the church as me. makes me feel not so alone.
i also like your cloudy doughnut.
do you know i have an atomic swing cd, i particularly loved that song, 'stone me into the blue.'
anyway, i'd be happy to write something for you just let me kinow what you require.

chrome3d said...

Stone me in to the groove is the song. It´s the best thing ever to come out of Sweden!
There is no requirements, just a need to write about Church songs.

fandorin said...

hey captain, every Church fan is invited to contribute! at any time, you can write either something about a song that had been reviewed before or progress with the "next" one. we are going chronologically, because else, we'd probably have 10 reviews about Hotel Womb or Myrrh. Or not. Part of the fun is relistening to the whole catalogue, and even trying to write something about a song that never meant that much to you....god how wrong i was about A Fire Burns. Come on and join us!