Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ancient History 2

by Heyday2day

I had decided that I would leave the song reviews to those of you who write much more eloquently than me. Not only that but I find it very hard to appropriately describe things that have meant different things to me at different times; trying to make a concrete description of something that never remains the same, forever changing. Saying that, I felt that I had to add a bit to 'Ancient History' before this machine that Chrome and Fandorin have created moves forward, leaving 'Ancient History' behind. There is a feeling among some that this song is filler, that it was written and played as such. Perhaps there is truth in that. What one considers weak or filler, there are those that consider it as a treasure. Surely with a track record that is as long and varied as the Church, this has happened numerous times. For me, Ancient History is one of those little treasures that still, all these years later, provides enough interesting things to hold my attention. Originally released as the second track on the Sing Songs EP, it was created during a period when the band itself was searching, reaching, looking, trying different styles, adding more instruments, still looking to somehow fit into the commercial world without compromising the integrity of who they really are. Tho' I despise the term, considering when it was released, 'Ancient History' skirts around the periphery of what was called "new wave". SK's sharp, spoken word style of singing, backing vocals dropped in at what seems upon first listen random times. The "oh's" and drawn out "aaaahs" meshing together on the chorus. The Church dipping their collective toes into the new wave soup but not diving in. Perhaps they are proving to themselves that they can make a go of it in this direction if they choose or perhaps it's just a bit tongue in cheek. Doesn't really matter because it works as a kind of unique one off. The guitars go jingle jangle, the bass fills the spaces and the vocals swirling around provides a nice effect. Yes, a bit trancey. This song and the others on this EP, I found somewhat late in my Church experience (it wasn't that easy to find for a long time). Juxstaposed against the whole body of work, it's a unique song sandwiched between a unique set. One of the many spokes on the style wheel. It was never difficult for me to decide whether I liked it, I was sold upon the first listen. It is a fun little track and should be taken as nothing more than that. Because of that it works and for me is a little treasure.

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Leïlah said...

In the same vein of "You've Got To Go" and "In A Heartbeat". Melodies and playing smoothly uncompromised featuring tight lyrics with sharp vocabulary. I love this bunch. I call them "warm-up songs". "Filler" is a terrible term which doesn't contemplate the sheer joy of listening to something less grand but also able to make you transcend.
The bottom line for the Sing-songs EP is: "the truth is so fragile, the ties are so true".