Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You've Got To Go

by Dugster

I get as much pleasure from all the b-sides as I do from the albums. I think this started when I made my 2nd Church purchase with Hindsight. What a bizarre album that is in (haha) hindsight. Real mix of singles, b-sides, ep tracks, etc. Not a best of and not a leftover collection but something truly unique. And where my love for this band was truly sealed. I only had Starfish until I bought Hindsight which seemed a good place to play catch up (even though it cost me something like £15 for a double cassette! Which still sounds really expensive 20 years later!!!). Anyway, Hindsight just blew my young mind away.

You've Got To Go is a really fun song to me. The heavy breathing throughout and breathlessly fast singing sets it apart from the rest of the early stuff. Bit of a Spanish feel with maracas adding an interesting twist. Kicks in with the deep breath 7secs in and never really lets up.
Where have you got to go? Never really find out. Maybe to Tuscany just in time for nightfall. Not sure Musk has many moons though... Or maybe you just have to leave which seems more likely. Chorus is a little uninspiring I guess but hey its only 2mins 44secs might as well just enjoy it for what it is! Anyway according to SK on the Hindsight notes it "didn't exactly turn out as I'd imagined".

I wonder what he imagined?

Why did this song crop up again on the Disenchanted 12"? Bizarre.

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