Thursday, January 15, 2009


by chrome3d

A song that has been officially released only on the b-side of The Unguarded Moment vinyl single. Busdriver is a song that gets a lot of flak and most of it to me is quite unnecessary. It has that usual Of Skins and Heart-era chug chug guitar style and to me it sounds mostly okay. Hard rock guitar solos sound especially nice here. I don't know why this has been left out of Hindsight-compilation but lesser song like In a Heartbeat is included. This song still doesn't inspire me to really deeply think about its meaning. It's just something that I want to get over and done with and move on to better ones.

Why is there whistling in the end of the tune? It makes me think of many meanings about what kind of devilish busdriver inspired the song in the first place. It's like something from a Morricone-spaghettiwestern and there is a youtube-video that fits in the mood of a crazy duelling busdriver perfectly:

Busdriver, busdriver there's no one else but us
And I can't picture any time
When I wasn't on the bus

Or is the driver the hangman himself that transports our storyteller around in his bus on an endless journey? There is something sinister and gloomy about the story in a clumsy way. Groundhog Day meets Twilight Zone. I can understand why it never made the cut to Of Skins and Heart or any compilations (but it should have been in the remaster). My theory is that Busdriver doesn't sound nowhere near as good as Fighter Pilot...Korean WarFighter Pilot...Korean War is a title that sounds stylish and cool, Busdriver doesn't.

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david mcmahon said...

When we meet, remind me to tell you the great (true) story about the whistled verse on Otis Redding's Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay ....