Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Too fast for you

This was attached to the end of Of Skins and Heart with Sisters and Tear It All Away. I have always seen those songs as integral part of the album, although it's quite clear that the album closes with Don't Open The Door To Strangers. This song feels like a bridge between the harder rock of Of Skins and Heart and the warmer atmosphere of The Blurred Crusade. This is The Church at their most poppy behaviour. It's almost straight forward happy tune, unlike almost every one of their other tunes. Even when they go for full pop attack - like Easy, One Day, You Are Still Beautiful or Business Woman - there is always an autumnal melancholic sheen somewhere hidden there as if they are ashamed to go for full frontal pop attack. I don't feel that melancholic sheen here but only in some lines. Line like "When the say it's over" should be followed by even more melancholic one (according to churchy logic) but instead it's followed by "It's not over!" Also the tum-tu-tum-tu-tum jungle drum part always makes me happy. You are not going too fast for me, oh no!

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