Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In a Heartbeat

by chrome3d

"...we still sometimes drag this out and give it a good kicking" (Hindsight sleeve notes)

I don't see this song mentioned a lot. Busdriver gets a lot more mentions. That note from Hindsight is just about the only description that I can find. I want to imagine if the things said in these notes are still true even though over 20 years have passed. It's funny to think that in these days the band would be rehearsing and someone says "In a heartbeat would be good now".
This song appears only on b-side of She Never Said and as track 2 on Hindsight. It´s not very good and is quite halfbaked. It´s quite simple and not very clever so it's no wonder that it has been left out from Of Skins and Heart-remaster. Kinda like if AC/DC would do a popsong and in their customary fashion song consists of dang-dang-dang-bridge-name of the song twice as a chorus etc. structure. It shouldn't be criticized too much as it has been left out of almost every compilation and never mentioned. It's so unlike other songs Steve has written. Why they have chosen this as a b-side of their first single is a small wonder as Steve has made better songs before 1980. It still has quite interesting instrumental parts from 2:20. Tinny Stranglers-synths start to get some fleeting goth shades and solo is far too airy and spacy for this kind of song. I'm still glad they didn't follow this route, because if they had then there wouldn't be many people to remember them these days. Maybe I'm wrong and they would be cherished as one of the heroes of 80es synthpop with their funny and simple pop tunes.


fandorin said...

it's so funny, i never really listened to that song and now, while refreshing my memory of some more obscure early tracks, i fell completely in love with that little, mean but powerful song. now i find lots of things to love there...

there's an echo of IAHB on SK's Painkiller. The first section of "Not What You Say" features exactly the same chord progression, funny, innit?

chrome3d said...

It IS funny how some stuff from 1980 still echoes in his stuff in 2009 but in a completely different way.