Sunday, January 25, 2009

To Be In Your Eyes

It's quite fitting that the song that follows A Fire Burns is one of the most simple and easily understandable songs of the album. When the previous song didn't make much sense even at the 50th glance then it's good to have an intimate and warm story about something that all of us have done. Dreaming in the night before sleep, listening to the sounds of night, trying to catch some sleep, contemplating the previous day, thinking about the future. Being alone with your thoughts, in need of a person inside you to be capable to do so many things. To Be In Your Eyes is like a blues song in a way that only The Church can do. It's almost unnecessary to say that I want my sad reflection to go drifting through the skies as the feeling of the song tells it so convincingly already.

In all its simplicity and ability to create a mood this is one of the greatest songs in this album. It's not a song that has a chance to be any kind of hit or a well known classic. If melancholic introspective quiet moods are something for you (and as a friend of the music of The Church this is more than likely) then this is the song from this album that you will cherish forever. I have done a lot of favourable reviews from the songs of The Blurred Crusade and it's no wonder considering the time I have spent with it ever since I found it on vinyl in the late 80es. If I had to choose the best two songs of this album, then it would be Just For You from the pop songs and this one from the other quiet ones. Is this enough said of this song? I don't know, it somehow always feels not enough.

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alimum said...

This has always been one of my reminds me of being twenty and in the throes of unrequited love.