Saturday, January 24, 2009

A fire burns 2

by chrome3d

After the mostly gentle songs of the beginning of the album we are now promised some serious and more straight forward rock, slightly more in the style of previous album Of Skins and Heart. It's perhaps the track that mostly resembles something that was spawned in the sessions for Of Skins And Heart. Even the title of the song could have been more at home in the track list of Of Skins and Heart. After the spunky first two verses the song comes to the chorus and the song changes gears to more dream pop-style treatment. Later on in the song there are guitars that remind me of mandolins, an instrument that they will use more prominently in later songs. The song turns in to more melancholic and introspective than what was first promised.

Lyrically I can't get much out of the song. Lyrics here feel more like just words that give something to sing to.

A fire burns inside me
The snow still falls in flakes
The reins around a horse's throat
Turn into a lake
And people so familiar
Their words are in my mind
A fire burns inside me
Dancing cool and blind

reins around horse's throat turn into a lake? I try to extract some meaning from this song but if it's there then it's hard hidden. This is also one of those songs that I can't fit in to my "bigger picture" of Blurred Crusade as a theme album of a crusader. Maybe it's this song's task to be one of those blurred songs, to make the story take another turn to something else? I have to think about it more but that's one of the good points of The Church songs: the meaning can open up after years of listening...sometimes only to be closed again like a veil of mystery shortly afterwards.

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