Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Memories In Future Tense

by dugster

For me the first 4 tracks on Of Skins and Heart are a bit interchangeable. They are all of a sort if you catch my drift. Real rockers almost unique as a group of songs in the Church cannon. Great chugging guitar riff and brilliant interplay between the 2 very different guitar parts. The echoey vocals sound good too. Not sure about the chorus - a bit too simplistic. Great solo around the 3.45 mark. Funny little drumming outro. I first heard this album in 89 as well and to my 15/16 year old ears this stuff sounded like nothing I'd ever heard before - believe me going back 8 years for an album at that age was not something done without careful consideration. I think it was the "last" album I bought of the back catalogue and was very different to the rest of the albums up to Starfish. The energy in the opening 4 songs is overwhelming. Culminating in Memories in Future Tense. I dunno - not sure I'm as wordy a reviewer as the rest of you! Its a decent song. Not sure I'd still be buying the Church 28 years later if they still sounded like this but as a one off I do really enjoy Of Skins and Heart. Memories in Future Tense fits in pretty well.

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