Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bel-Air 1

by chrome3d

There is no need to have so many words. It´s just the excitement of starting it. Later I will probably be more economical with the amount of words. I also feel that the 4 first songs form a unified group in the beginning of the album. Chug chug bang bang, take no prisoners kind of attitude. Although Bel-Air was chosen here as the best song of OSAH it´s still a bit of a letdown in the context of the album. After the 4 first songs I´m ready for some more chug but after the metallic bang it feels a bit twee. Of course every rock album needs quiet moments too but it´s sort of too pretty and that´s why it has fallen off my radar usually when I listen to OSAH. Next song ´Is this where you live?´ despite it´s slow opening fits quite perfectly to the feel of the album. I can´t be wordy or exploring this song properly as much as it needs, so if you want to write more and better about it then go ahead.

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