Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The View

"Polish your window, don't block out your view"

The View has always been my favourite from the 3 b-sides of Heyday. It's a giddy and optimistic classically constructed jangle pop song that is hard to resist. Later on Marty would do more of this kind of songs but this must be one of the first. Still this song feels very mature and ready despite it's place as a b-side. There is the intro with the determined little jangly riff, a heightened peak with stylish solos, angelic choirs in the end and lyrics that make you feel good and maybe they even offer advices how to tackle the adult life ahead and not just bounce around like an adult ball. There is everything! A little gem of a song. Very english tone and very much of it's time, 1985.

This song would have been right at home in the discography of mid-80's jangly wonders like Lloyd Cole & The Commotions or maybe House Of Love. I have no doubts that a songmeister like Lloyd would have been able to write this one, although he would have added a lot more literary and movie references. I like to read books about alternative realities, where settings and characters are real but the actions are imagined or just slightly different. I would have liked to see that somewhere in 1985 Marty was friends with the guys of House Of Love. Then Marty would have given this song to the band and it would have been their #1 hit. I mean, all the time when I mention at some website that my favourite band is the church, then it recommends me House Of Love. It's frustrating because any simpleton could have written the songs House Of Love had. "She, she, she shine on, shine, shine on". Yeah, it really took a genius to write that chorus?? What if Marty had given "The View" to the band, and now when I look the Spotify/whatever-page of the band, this song would be their most popular one? House Of Love would have at least one song of pure class, instead of songs that pretend to be something that was written by someone who had songwriting skills. Unfortunately in the real world this song The View is just something that the church dumped out of their album. That's just the sign of the best band in the world: their leftovers could have made whole careers for lesser talents.

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