Sunday, July 5, 2009

Into My Hands

Cute and twee. There I said it. This song is really pretty but it´s a bit too cute and frustratingly twee. Boy meets girl la-la-laa. This is one of those nursery rhyme- kinda songs. One/album is okay, but two is pushing it. Into My Hands feels almost like a song off from Steve´s first solo album Earthed. I mean even if The Church goes to ultra slow widescreen mode (Old Flame, Summer, Invisible, On Angel Street) there is still something strong to hold it together. The songs have a structure even though they seem to be sculpted entirely from the thin upper clouds and stardust. Into My Hands is wandering on the edge of that magic kingdom but it can never enter the gates. In the middle of other colder and slightly gothic songs of the album Into My Hands gives a nice warm touch but when I focus to this one song it never lifts off from niceness to the dramatic heights they can bake seemingly out of thin air. It works well in the context of the album, whatever the album is here, but as a single song it´s far from what I expect from the band. Sorry.


Altres said...

I love Into My Hands to such an extent I took it apart and renconstructed it to see if I could find out why. I couldn't. It's charm is still elusive to me but I think it may be due to some sort of olfactory memory accessing some pleasure haze I was in at sometime in the past listening to it. Whatever it is the song just leaves me in a state of rapture.

I do agree though that the song would fit beautifully on Steve's Unearthed.


chrome3d said...

I guess I was intimadated by it´s uncharacteristic intimacy, as strange as it may sound. There is similar kind of stuff on SK solo albums but not so much in The Church-albums. With The Church there is some kind of expectations what kind of song they could do, even though the songs could be just about anything.