Monday, February 9, 2009

I Am A Rock

by Heyday2day

The final track on the Sing Songs EP and a Simon and Garfunkel cover to boot. Among the covers in the Church's recording history it stands as a curious choice. Was it's inclusion a result of the band being out of new material, was it strictly commerical driven or were they just such big fans of the track that they felt compelled to do their own take? The answer could be any or all. It is a very straight forward take on the original. There is very little identifiable as the Church, sans SK's voice. Just as the original, it opens with SK and his voice alone and then the band kicks in behind him. If nothing else, it sounds like the band is enjoying it. Playing and singing a song from their youth that is easy to identify with and makes you feel strong, vivacious and alive. It is working it's magic on them here, the harmonies soar, the drums pound, the organ (?) punches and it's an all around good time, all be it a short good time. Listening to this track again, I realized how long it had been since I have heard it. I have usually skipped it when it comes up. Not because it isn't a good recording but becasue it just doesn't seem that important. Fun and enjoyable? Definitely. Essential listening? No.

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chrome3d said...

I like the fact that the ep ends with a fun and lively song. Never heard of the original so can´t say much about it. Why they had to chip in on Simon & Garfunkel pension fund? There could be so many other worthy choices.