Tuesday, February 10, 2009


by chrome3d

Many openers of The Church are really standout tracks. Majestic sweeping epics that take you on a journey to far away distant lands. Fly is one of those but in a very different way than, say, Pharaoh or Block. Fly is short and sweet, warm and mysterious as ever. It creates the atmosphere with extra dreamy guitars, bongos and flying keyboards. It has acoustic instruments, or at least a feeling of those, and it separates the song from the rest of the album. Unlike the rest of the album with hard overproduced drums it has a world of it´s own and I see it as a transitional song between reality and the rest of the album. Fly takes me along and opens a new door for me.

And they fly
She pointed up into the sky
And you can't touch them if you try
And they fly

Earlier in the lyrics there was a mention of dark clowns but they can be heard as clouds too. There can be so many things that fly in the sky that you can´t touch. I never actually thought about what is the fly of the song. Sometimes it has been a fly, the insect, or then it´s birds, clouds, dreams or whatever. It doesn´t really matter and the title is very clever to open one of those SK double meanings but this could be triple meaning or even more. This song means so many things to me and it always escapes all rational explanations. It´s something that only The Church can do. I´ve said it many times before in these reviews how they sound only like themselves but it´s more and more clear in Seance than it was in previous albums. I really can´t see anybody else doing this kind of stuff. A bit familiar but still inhabiting a universe of it´s own.

I sometimes place certain songs in to certain periods of life because they have been such essential parts of that period in life. I see myself looking at the LP sleeve in late 80´s/early 90´s, drawing something to the inner bag as I usually did. Looking at the black and pink xerox pics of the band having no idea who does what. Outside is a sunny winter sunday with cold freeze and wind. The black vinyl disc spins around sending messages from another world. And they fly...bongos and guitars gently weave a magic carpet to take me away somewhere else. Something ancient in these atmospheres yet it´s rooted firmly in the early 80´s. I admired The Blurred Crusade. It´s a huge journey without forgetting the human details...but I think it´s Seance that I love in a more personal way. Like in The Blurred Crusade I see both sides following the same kind of arc. Both sides of Seance start with the most beautiful songs I can imagine and then slowly but surely descend in to darkness. It will be fun to once again fall in love with it because that´s the kind of album Seance is and Fly is there to inform that first

This album is Pink to me. That´s why the colour of text.

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