Monday, January 19, 2009

When You Were Mine

by Hanani

I guess I can't speak for Steve Kilbey here because i've never done the seance thing and lots of Steve's songs on this album seem to reference that. but the hell with that -- I love this music! Is this dated? I dunno, couldn't tell you. This is Tantalized, this is Hotel Womb, and you know that this is a great concert song because this is theatrics, building, building, exploding!

"Explode on the bridge, Peter and Marty, bring it up a level and make it sexy!" <-- hehe.

Because, to me, this music is the recollection becoming that clearer, clearer, that much clearer, when you were mine. it was a rush, then, as it is now, when you were mine. a nice throbbing bass, mind you, hissing noises, the feedback roaring and the flurry of notes back to the major key. good stuff all around, and quite a honor to dig back and find this, keeping in mind that the US label (Chrysalis?) dropped them after the first album, I wouldn't see or hear from the church again until I was 15/16 when heyday was released. Before the explosion of starfish and the Arista reissues, I was able to find this album, and it still sounded up to snuff 3-4 years later. Now, more than 20 years (!!!) later, I can still dig this. Good rock and intrigue.

a nice, random post on a great song. the song deserves better, but someone else can paint over my feeble sketches.

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