Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just For You

Strumming acoustic guitar, knock knock, "Oh wait there" and the song just bursts in to the room. Steve sings in a slightly monotone way over the chirpy jangle and it feels like heaven. At the 2 minute mark starts an airy period that builds and builds and then the guitar solo starts to play with the strings of my heart. At the 4 minute mark a new jangle part just builds and builds to the beautiful mountain tops of pure pop bliss. It’s not the best pop tune ever but it feels just about the best for me. I don’t know how many times I can or dare to say that I love this song. It’s so easy to love this song. Who doesn’t? Hands up there all you black hearted doomsday wishers who think this song is total sugar coated bollocks. Yes, you people have no heart. Open the door, see the sun, smell the fresh winds, fall in love with the world, hug the strangers and all that. Driving a car can never be better than when I listen to this song. No matter what kind of rusty box I’m driving, it feels like a smoothest ride in a luxury BMW. Israel bombing Gaza and all other hideous atrocities of the world are faaaar away. World is a beautiful place and the soundtrack to all those beautiful things is right here. Just for you, baby.

I swear not to make edits on this one, baybeeee!

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Athanasius Pernath said...

well *i*, the pedantic bastard, did, when will you folks learn an accent grave is not an apostrophe. having edited a thick 700p volume 3 years ago, i'm allergic to different orthographic conventions in the same thing :D