Monday, January 19, 2009

Field Of Mars

by chrome3d

All songs on The Blurred Crusade are written by Kilbey except 3: Field Of Mars, An Interlude and You Took. It's easy to see why the last two songs are credited to the whole band as they rely on instrumental parts and jamming so heavily. Field of Mars however is a "real" and "proper" song. How much of it is actually Marty's is not known. Some of the lyrics are pure Marty featuring many images that show up in his later songs:

"Only more sad clouds where autumn winds will blow"

There are also many symbols that are frequently seen in Steve's lyrics:

"And I have to leave, but I never seem to go" (churchy line if any!)
"Grief won't last in the departing cars" (cars show up once again)

Is it really important who wrote what? Not really as it's still a great song and it fills it's place in the album very fittingly. I don't mind the fact that there is 1 or 2 songs sung by someone else in a The Church and there is no big difference in this song related to the other songs. In the times when I heard them first it just added more mysterious light to those songs. I remember seeing some story where Steve said that it was personal text and written based on partially true story and that is why Marty sings it. It follows storywise the same deadly line as the previous songs:
Sisters: old woman remembering her dead sister
Almost With You: death of a soldier (? in my view)
When You Were Mine: more mysterious one but there is drowning and she is long gone
Field Of Mars: tears and loss are felt in a cemetery under the sad autumn clouds

Musically it paints a calm and pastoral landscape where the bells of guitars chime far away as the singer walks through the cemetery. I don't know if there are tubular bells in the background too as there is in You Took, but it somehow feels to me that they are there even if they are not. Sometimes when I have walked in cemeteries I think of this song as it captures that feeling so perfectly. It could be silent there but the bells in the distance press play with this song. Although the painting of the graveyard mood is a bit heavy sometimes it still shows the mastery of the band to create atmospheres.

Although in one game in Field Of Mars was chosen as the first song to be dropped from this album, it's still beautiful and great song to me and fully deserves its spot in this album. I can't love this album more as it's "weakest links" are still superb stuff in almost every way. In my mind The Blurred Crusade is solid from top to bottom. To me at least.

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