Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't Look Back

by chrome3d

I had a theory that The Blurred Crusade is a theme album and all the songs follow a "masterplan" that describes a story of a crusader although single songs follow the story only in a very loose fashion if at all. It was just an impression I got and I don't want to seek same kind of meanings and plots from other albums. Seance as a theme album about a seance? Maybe not. Anyway, I have to continue on my chosen path here.

Just For You - years have passed and certain ideas have changed but I did it just for you Jesus, God or higher force. The crusader has settled for his life and found his place and joy of life.
A Fire Burns - the blurred part of a crusade. I would like to see this part as a hallucinatory sequence seen during recovery from battle or sickness. There are, however, more simpler elements too. The same fire that started his journey is still inside him and he has found his heart but lost his way. "Life is worth another stay" a better afterlife as a reward for this one spent on a crusade?
To Be In Your Eyes - I did all this to be in your eyes. Simple.
You Took - You took a piece of my heart. That's what a crusade does. The plot practically writes itself as I now know who is the You of 4 of the titles. The instrumental part I would like to see as the epic sea journey back home.
Don't Look Back - After coming home there is no looking back. What was there is not here. A serene wisdom has been found. Keep on walking back home.

The song closes in a typical fashion ...and don't look back here again, like an album should close. It's 2:00 of simple ( I like to use this word here as opposed to some other songs) pleasure. The kinda song that leaves you with a warm smile on the face perhaps wanting some more. The strumming guitars and the just gorgeous slide guitar lead the song. The high quality of the album is maintained here as in all of the other songs. This is just as thought out and planned as the other "bigger" songs. During the reviews of this album I have fallen in love again with this album. It has a strong emotional centre and it moves back and forth between simple and layered. It is warm and intimate yet it has grand visions. It gives food for thought just as well as it did 27 years ago. Maybe later I will have different kind of vision about it. That's one of the charms about it, there may be concepts but they never fully reveal themselves.

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Leïlah said...

Seance is about channeling someone who's distant. Sometimes it's even more conceptual than BC.